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Build up from scratch, we are proudly announcing our next generation of multichannel amplifiers.

After more than 9 years on the market, we've learned a lot about how things worked and how not. We are really thankful for all our customers who accompanied us during this time.

Taking all feedback into account, it was time to build a new hardware platform to improve our products in any possible way and what should I say, the result is stunning.

Improved audio quality, reduced power consumption, faster boot time, redundant power supply, more output power at a smaller form factor, bridgeable channels and many more hardware diagnostics.

Combined with the biggest software release in our company history, the V3 firmware offers the base platform for the LP² / D² / HP² series. Which runs by the way also on our amplifiers from the first generation and is offered free of charge for any existing users. Since reliability and sustainability is one of our main goals, a long product cycle lifetime is indispensable.

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MA16/LP², MA24/LP², MA32/LP²

The LP² is unique in its own way. The highest channel density per rack space you can get on the market. But with its bridging possibilities much more powerful than the previous generation.

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MA16/D², MA24/D², MA32/D²

With the D² you get the best balance between size, channel count, and power. We love to call this type or 'all-rounder'. No matter which project you are planning, the D² will do the job.

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MA24/HP², MA32/HP²

The HP². This is truly a beast. Audio-performance like the D² but with up to 5kW of continuous sine-power or for highly available with 2.5kW redundant PSU. Some competitors claim to sell the most powerful 24 channel amplifiers on the market, well, this time is over now.



One of the most requested features of all. We are proudly announcing that it is finally possible. Offers you the flexibility of a high channel count combined with some high power channels which are mostly used as SUB channels to eliminate the need for an additional amplifier.


Shifting our target market to the installation business, power efficiency was one of the major design targets for the second hardware generation. Most installations run 24/7 and are not always playing music, reducing the idle power consumption per channel will reduce maintenance costs over years.


Up to 32 channels are the highest channel count per rack space in one single unit. This high-density package offers you a completely new design perspective, where it's now possible to deliver a high amount of audio channels in a place where you would never have thought about with conventional solutions.


We offer a fully opened RESTful-API which we also use ourselves in the MAXX-Control and MAXX-Remote control interfaces. The integrated web user interface offers easy to use control of a single device, while the MAXX-Remote software abstracts channels over multiple devices.